ZGF Architects $50M architecture and planning firm Portland, Oregon March 1985 to March 1995

Sought with others to improve deficient transit, community and urban spaces through solutions that outperformed the commonplace in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, and Denver - the outcome of two projects, Portland's MAX Light Rail System (a recipient of the 2002 Presidential Design Award) and Seattle's Northgate Transit Center, becoming the models for others to follow nationally.

Held increasingly substantive roles in a variety of analytical, design, detailing, project management, and organizational disciplines from 20+ complex planning & urban design, building architecture, interior design, urban design and art projects.

Produced positive outcomes through an ear for essentials, a grasp of how to develop good ideas and a fanatical attention to details.

Generated value on complex projects by resolving multidisciplinary team conflicts through design ideas that reconciled the individual interests of architects, engineers, artists, contractors, community leagues, developers and public agencies into a greater, more inclusive and comprehensive whole.

Won buy-in to proposals through rapid prototyping. Carried original visions and inspirations through all phases of the architectural contract process with high fidelity.

Consistently delivered on promises despite support staff shortages by leveraging emerging computer, information and communications technologies to work seamlessly between office and remote locations.


Presidential Award for Design Excellence

National Endowment for the Arts - Clinton Administration

Westside light rail


Design for Transportation Honor Award

U.S. Department of Transportation

Westside light rail


Indoor/Specialty Concrete Pavement Award

Portland Cement Association

Lincoln High School fence


Recognition of Personal Contribution

Portland TRIMET

Lincoln High School fence


Outstanding Example of Excellence in Concrete Construction

Washington Aggregates and Concrete Association

Northgate Transit Center


Commendation Award

Portland Daily Journal of Commerce

Northgate Transit Center


33rd Annual Awards Citation

Progressive Architecture

Union Station Redevelopment


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Lincoln High School Fence

A wall of painted steel window shapes set atop a thick cast-in-place concrete wall with bronze inlay and glazed tile relief work.

July 03, 1996

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MAX Westside Light Rail

Portland's Westside MAX light rail's precedents in urban transit design, engineering, accessibility and collaboration became a model for other surface rail systems in the United States and other countries.

July 02, 1993

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Mt. Angel Abbey Hilltop Master Plan

Master plan for a monastic community that coalesced goals for growth into specific improvements to campus and building facilities on a landmark Willamette Valley hilltop.

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Northgate Transit Center

Bus transit station on First Avenue next to the Northgate Shopping Mall north of Seattle, WA.

July 02, 1992

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College of Idaho

College of Idaho campus plan proposing main entry, circulation, and building improvements.

July 14, 1991

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Holladay Street improvements

Street improvements for rail transit along NE Holladay Street in Portland, OR.

July 02, 1991

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The State Street Project

Renderings related to a surface transit and street improvement joint venture proposal for State Street in downtown Chicago, IL.

February 14, 1991

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Outpatient Cath Procedure

Diagram supporting a hospital addition planning and design phase.

December 17, 1990

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OHSU Parking

Planning and design work for hillside parking structure on the Oregon Health and Sciences University campus in Portland, OR.

September 14, 1990

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Eastside Rose

Copper, stainless steel and precast concrete public art proposal that paid homage to the 'City of Roses' in downtown Portland, OR.

July 03, 1989

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Embarcadero Waterfront Parkway

Urban design study for the Embarcadero roadway from Mission Bay to Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, CA.

July 02, 1989

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Department of Corrections

fast-track design and construction periods for a Department of Corrections building project.

January 12, 1988

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Central Houston Downtown

Sketches from conceptual study of surface improvements for a Central Houston downtown street initiative.

August 14, 1987

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Speer Boulevard

Urban Design proposal for Speer Boulevard in Denver, CO.

March 14, 1987

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OPB Proposal

Concept proposal for new Oregon Public Broadcasting headquarters located on the historic Police Block in downtown Portland, OR.

January 17, 1987

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Auraria Parkway

Concept diagrams for Auraria Parkway street improvements project in Denver, CO.

November 14, 1986

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Mt. Scott Office Park

Site plan for a food service, retail, and commercial office building project on Sunnyside Road at the foot of Mt. Scott in Portland, OR.

July 08, 1986

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Police Headquarters Renovation

Cutaway isometric illustrating interior renovation proposals for the historic Police headquarters building in downtown Portland, OR.

January 13, 1986

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Bellevue CBD Zoning Study

A planning study for Bellevue, WA which illustrated floor area ratio (FAR) policy changes affected the downtown cityscape.

October 04, 1985

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