Site plan for a food service, retail, and commercial office building project on Sunnyside Road at the foot of Mt. Scott in Portland, OR.

The plan balanced requirements for building types, square footages, zoning, grading, water runoff, setbacks, landscaping, and parking space counts.


The plan minimized traffic congestion on Sunnyside by aligning the site's entrance with a curb cut on the opposite side of the street, and it separated main traffic flows with a landscaped median for safety.

A continuous vehicular circulation pattern connecting all buildings aimed to increase the liklihood of people finding parking spaces with the least amount of delay and separate high-volume from low-volume interactions.

Roadway and parking areas included as many trees as practical. A park along the east edge of the site provided additional buffering between the office building and an adjacent apartment complex to the east.

Role: Landscape Architect

Setting: ZGF Architects

Location: Portland, Oregon

Year: 1986