Tale of crow

  • This clay sculpture recounted a common theme from a variety of my solo travels for an early Landscape Architecture design studio project which had students tell about a personal experience with the land.

  • Travel Totem

    Story in totem fashion from bottom to top.

  • Told in totem fashion from bottom to top, this was the tale of a common crow, shunned by others for having odd wings, who courageously left the flock, only to humbly return years later with new ways of flying from journeys with three wise spirit guides.

    While the totem characters personified how humans, ecosystems, and landforms shape places and experiences, the work as a whole embodied my gratitude for the people, environment, and events that worked in mysterious ways to enable my safe passage through danger, from walks along the Appalachian and Pacific Crest trails, to hopping freight trains and hitchhiking through Mexico.