This site is a static web app developed with GatsbyJS and hosted on Netlify. Content comes from a containerized content management platform made up of GhostCMS, MariaDB and Nginx services that are self-hosted at DigitalOcean.

Code for the app and platform reside in private Github and DockerHub repos. Changes to app code or content are automatically tested, built and deployed through continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines. Changes to the platform are manually pushed.

Features include search, dark/light, and syntax highlighting.

The site helps me build new skills and insights through active reflection and doing. As the chart below suggests, therefore, your experience of my process may vary.


Up until early 2021, this site was entirely hand-coded in PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. At one time I had developed a version of the site with Java Server Pages, but then went in the PHP direction in order to embed a WordPress CMS for blog pages. The site ran on an Apache web server and MySQL database on an Ubuntu Linux VM at DigitalOcean.

All the code was maintained in a Bitbucket Git repo managed through SmartGit. Each commit automatically deployed changes to the web server through a script. This setup allowed me to work with several IDE's (NetBeans, Brackets, Atom, Visual Studio Code) on several platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux).