The GhostCMS back-end and JavaScript, API and Markup front-end platforms behind the website you're looking at right now makes content publishing easy.


Back End

Source code for GhostCMS, MariaDB, Nginx, Let's Encrypt and Certbot is engineered into Docker images on a local developer device and versioned in a back-end GitHub repo.

This platform is then deployed on a DigitalOcean cloud Droplet with Docker Compose, where database and images are backed up to both local and remote hosts with a cron script.

The platform is administered securely by a DevOps role over SSH, and content is edited securely by an Author role over SSL. Changes to content trigger a front-end rebuild and release on Netlify.

Front End

Source code for the Web application is developed from GatsbyJS, ReactJS, LunrJS, Yarn and Node on a local developer device, and versioned in a front-end GitHub repo. The application currently features:

  • A client-side search engine
  • A dark/light toggle mode
  • Hierarchical tags
  • Syntax highlighting for code snippets

Changes to the front-end repo's main branch triggers a CI/CD pipeline which rebuilds and publishes a new release of the website on Netlify cloud as a decoupled, static-first, progressively enhanced, secure, and headless static website.

Role: Personal

Location: Canby, Oregon

Year: 2019 to present