Business Developer

Integrated Management Resources $300K business consulting firm Canby, Oregon January 2007 to August 2009

Accountable for company reorganization and sale of IT consulting service line. Tested, implemented and supported startups in sustainable housing, carbon sequestration, equine assisted behavioral health therapy, e-commerce education, and beneficial microbes.

Business Reorganization
Long term industry trends challenged company's IT consulting business model. Assessed options for decentralizing or merging with competitors. Recommended sale of IT service line assets to employees. Co-organized and led new line of business innovation, research and venture support services.

Behavioral Health
Cofounded and bootstrapped an equine assisted behavioral health therapy venture. Purchased Willamette Valley farm acreage languishing from lack of care. Designed and engineered facility stables, arena, paddocks and pastures that raised net property value by 75%.

Net Zero Housing
Analyized market for eco-friendly housing projects and found only a small fraction the real estate market offering "green" housing. Researched building codes, regulations and energy incentives. Evaluated the state-of-the-art in eco-minded design and material specifications. Networked with designers, developers and builders. Designed site and floor plans for 21 net-zero energy, water, and waste single family homes with neighborhood food garden and micro-habitat area on a five acre site with clay soils. Prepared real estate development package.

Strategic Branding
Supported business venture in specialty crafted bio-brews of beneficial microbes. Immersed in product research. Set up and monitored small batch brew site to understand end-to-end production process. Participated in product trials at dairy and waste treatment sites. Created brand identity. Implemented web presence, product labeling, and marketing content/materials. Co-wrote corporate business and marketing plans. Cultivated first customer product sale.

Carbon Sequestration
Researched agricultural studies demonstrating an approach to carbon sequestration that improved soil fertility. Networked with people and thought leaders globally. Co-organized conferences at Oregon State University and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, WA for 130+ academics, engineers, researchers, scientists, carbon traders, ecologists, foresters, farmers and policymakers. Evangelized biochar production and field trials on farms and nurseries in the Pacific Northwest region.

Alternative Education
Founders of an AMI certified Montessori elementary and middle school wanted to expand into a new district. Consulted on business model, market research, and fundraising. Recommended locations. Prepared applications for County building/fire permits and planning reviews.

eCommerce Revival
Fragmented business workflows handicapped laser-marking eCommerce venture. Analyzed back-office and production line to identify time-wasters. Closed process gaps by setting up company's SharePoint 2007 platform and organizing company standards, policies, procedures and training into a single source of truth. Doubled production speed and volume by developing a Microsoft Access database with forms that integrated with QuickBooks to streamline product purchasing, receiving, ordering, authorization, invoicing, job queue, shipping and tracking.

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