Lincoln High School Fence

A wall of painted steel window shapes set atop a thick cast-in-place concrete wall with bronze inlay and glazed tile relief work.

03 July, 1996
2 min read
MAX Westside Light Rail

Portland's Westside MAX light rail's precedents in urban transit design, engineering, accessibility and collaboration became a model for other surface rail systems in the United States and other countries.

02 July, 1993
4 min read
Mt. Angel Abbey Hilltop Master Plan

Master plan for a monastic community that coalesced goals for growth into specific improvements to campus and building facilities on a landmark Willamette Valley hilltop.

02 July, 1993
1 min read
Northgate Transit Center

Bus transit station on First Avenue next to the Northgate Shopping Mall north of Seattle, WA.

02 July, 1992
5 min read
Holladay Street improvements

Street improvements for rail transit along NE Holladay Street in Portland, OR.

02 July, 1991
3 min read
Eastside Rose

Copper, stainless steel and precast concrete public art proposal that paid homage to the 'City of Roses' in downtown Portland, OR.

03 July, 1989
1 min read
Embarcadero Waterfront Parkway

Urban design study for the Embarcadero roadway from Mission Bay to Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, CA.

02 July, 1989
3 min read
OPB Proposal

Concept proposal for new Oregon Public Broadcasting headquarters located on the historic Police Block in downtown Portland, OR.

17 January, 1987
1 min read
Police Headquarters Renovation

Cutaway isometric illustrating interior renovation proposals for the historic Police headquarters building in downtown Portland, OR.

13 January, 1986
1 min read
Bellevue CBD Zoning Study

A planning study for Bellevue, WA which illustrated floor area ratio (FAR) policy changes affected the downtown cityscape.

04 October, 1985
1 min read

Sought with others to improve deficient transit, community and urban spaces through solutions that outperformed the commonplace.

13 March, 1985
3 min read