Principal BI Platform Engineer

Raised the mission's core competence in AI-powered search through technical leadership in enterprise insight engines and related digital products.

13 June, 2018
1 min read
Senior Information Architect

Played a central and crucial role in the vision and work that became a strategic enterprise data information portal.

13 October, 2013
2 min read
SharePoint Builder

Built out-of-the-box and custom SharePoint platforms, websites, applications, forms, workflows, document management and BI solutions.

13 June, 2010
2 min read
Network Analyst

Reduced operational costs of Physician IT Outreach and System Support Services teams with SharePoint platform work.

13 September, 2009
1 min read
Business Developer

Accountable for company reorganization, sale of IT consulting service line, market testing and implementation of innovations in sustainable housing, carbon sequestration, equine assisted behavioral health therapy, e-commerce, education, and beneficial microbes startups.

13 January, 2007
2 min read
Senior IT Consultant

Accountable for company operations, P & L, tenant improvements, hiring, technical infrastructure, customer relations, project delivery, and service quality.

13 March, 1995
4 min read

Sought with others to improve deficient transit, community and urban spaces through solutions that outperformed the commonplace.

13 March, 1985
3 min read
Landscape Designer/Architect

Independent consulting work on planning, garden, and visual art projects.

13 October, 1984
1 min read

Construction work with five person construction crew on pool, pond and fiberglass spa installation, repair and maintenance projects.

13 June, 1984
1 min read

Winter season work designing and detailing plans for improving business storefront through low cost office interior and exterior landscape improvements

13 January, 1983
1 min read

Part time work with architectural designer and clients in analysis, design, model building, delineation of a handful of projects.

13 January, 1982
1 min read

Part time work with architect and designer during site analysis, design and delineation of a phased ecological land use development proposal.

13 January, 1981
1 min read
Graphic Artist

Work as a self-employed graphic artist on a handful of private and commercial initiatives.

13 October, 1980
2 min read

Summer work on contract documents for Tektronix buildings and Planning projects.

13 May, 1980
1 min read

Part time work serving beer, wine and food.

13 September, 1979
1 min read
Graphics Editor

Part time work as a member of the University of Oregon student newspaper's editorial board creating a wide range of oft experimental and opinion-laced graphics.

13 June, 1979
3 min read
Union Laborer Local 185

Six month job as the only laborer on a multi-trade crew of ten erecting five 20,000sf tilt-up concrete warehouse buildings.

09 July, 1978
2 min read

Fall season work landscaping private gardens with crew of three, planting, building railroad tie retaining walls, weeding, raking, mulching and fertilizing residential and commercial gardens.

01 October, 1977
1 min read
Framing Carpenter

Summer and Fall season carpentry work on custom homes.

09 June, 1977
1 min read
Union Laborer Local 483

Summer work as the youngest of five Union laborers in a construction crew of over 60 on a 164,000 square foot tilt-up concrete shopping center.

01 May, 1975
1 min read
Heart Lab Volunteer

Summer work assisting Heart Surgeon and Medical Resident in heart valve implant surgery testing on large dogs.

01 June, 1973
1 min read