This icon represents a data discovery application called myHIway hosted by the Healthcare Intelligence group at Providence. It originated from four ideas loosely threaded to the concepts of Highway, Data, Providence, Journey, Making Progress, Search, and Digital.

"The Infinity Loop" - a symbolic highway leading to infinite possibilities.

"The Cloverleaf" - a symbol of fast and free-flowing movement.

"Highway to Heaven" - a symbolic highway heading into the horizon.

"The Promise Ribbon" - a symbol associating data discovery with a journey of care.

Initial ideas

After exploring the latter two concepts a bit more, only the "Highway to Heaven" concept resonated with Providence users. It had taken on Providence colors and began affirming a belief attributed to Jean Baptiste Lacordaire that "Providence will rise before the Sun."

But the highway was a bit too straight. A curved road suggested a more inviting journey and introduced a depth of perspective worth developing.

Subsequent versions added to this 3D effect by lowering the horizon line and filling out the landforms. The icon also took advantage of a new company brand color palette, and communicated digital and data concepts with a sky texture of 1's and 0's.

Adding depth and perspective

Just before release, some leaders felt the icon should be adaptable to all the company's core business brands, so I represented each brand as a cloud in the sky.

Adapting to a change in scope

The need for brand accommodation never materialized, but the final icon kept the cloud as a symbol of the team's intention of building a cloud-native app.

The final icon

Role: Senior Information Architect

Setting: Providence St. Joseph Health

Location: Portland, Oregon

Year: 2016

Media: Inkscape