Just hanging around
I happened to see
you fixin' to eat
some fruit off this tree.

Ingesting this fruit
is forbidden by
some loyalty test
imposed from on high.

So you must not pick
and take a big bite
of something the worms
consume with delight.

You must never munch
the blemished and bruised,
the hard and unripe,
or already chewed.

You must never touch
what falls to the ground
and otherwise rots
or gets kicked around.

But who dangles treats
in front of a child,
expecting restraint
to win over wild?

You're still at an age
where rules don't apply,
and what tempts you most,
you're likely to try.

So you ask "what if,
when just strolling by,
one falls in the mouth
from out of the sky?"

I hear there may be
a few side effects,
like lingering doubts
and lasting regrets.

You may start to itch
for bigger taboos,
and notice your skin
turn different hues.

You may also just
fall deep in a trance
and zombie about
in dresses and pants.

I cannot advise,
but sure can relate.
It's all up to you
to manage your fate.

The food around here
is totally bland.
If you go gourmet,
I’ll quite understand.

Role: Graphic Artist

Setting: Personal

Location: Canby, Oregon

Year: 2020

Media: Apple Pencil and Procreate on iPad Pro