Todd garden

  • This landscape design for a residence in the west hills of Portland, Oregon extended the main internal axis of the house into outdoor rooms at front and back entries.

  • The design elements evolved with changes in the architect's schematics for the house, but basic concepts remained the same.

  • Todd garden design concept
  • Given the moderate slope and sun exposure of the south facing hillside site, the front yard featured an overlook entry shaded by flowering crabapple trees while the back yard carved into the slope for a patio and edible garden area.

    The back porch connected paths around house to a barbecue area, grape arbor and a few dwarf fruit trees. It featured a concave, Cedar-capped concrete seating area and a curved retaining wall topped with 4' Cedar fencing.

  • Front entry elevation from street

    The front entry stairs connected parking with the front door.

  • Front entry wall elevation from driveway

    The final proposal fit a light gray/green porcelain covered masonry block wall along the curve of the house.

  • Front entry wall, stairs and landing area details

    The front entry wall supported custom sconce lights, a timber Cedar staircase, timber Cedar bench seating and a Cedar deck landing.

  • Front entry landing detail

    The front porch landing arranged narrow Cedar decking into an emblematic pattern to enhance the arrival/departure experience.