Pifer pool

  • The intent of this residential pool and spa design proposal for a family with horses in Eugene, Oregon, was to partner with a local pool contractor and win a project bid. The pool was not built, but the process resulted in landscape design patterns used in later projects.

  • The design featured a kidney shaped pool and spa in a landscaped setting with walkways of Mica slate and a curvilinear cedar deck extending from the house at floor level. The pool included a curved waterfall slide, a diving board and color tile inlays arranged in organic shapes along steps and edges.

  • Pifer pool plan
  • The landscape, composed mostly of native plant materials, came right up to the pool in places and helped shape outdoor rooms for the variety of activities and entry areas around the pool.

  • Sunbrella area detail

    A long half-moon shaped berm north of the pool with seating height basalt rock walls provided a warm, private and quiet space for extended outdoor seasonal use.

  • Study model

    A quick study model of the site demonstrated how the layout and main vertical elements of the design shaped the overall pool and outdoor experience.