McKinney garden

  • This back-of-napkin garden design for a residence in Redmond, Washington transformed a need for soil stabilization into a low cost color, fragrance and edibles landscape.

  • McKinney garden sketch
  • Sometimes a few simple improvements in a garden can have a huge impact on the happiness of its occupants. In this case, where a steep slope limited any useful outdoor space to just a few feet from the house, just extending the deck a little and giving structure to the top of the slope near the house made a big difference in livability.

  • Walkway section

    A fruit tree espalier, trellis and arbor provided spatial definition to the path around the house and a small but safe, stable landing area at the top edge of the slope.

  • Deck section

    A deck expansion created more capacity for outdoor occupants, while a row of columnar evergreens hid the additional tool space from neighbors.

  • Bedroom section

    A well of perennials contained by a privacy screen of shrubs perfumed the house when most needed for enlivening the spirit from late winter to early summer.