JaDo peace garden

  • Garden, building and circulation improvements design for a 4.5 acre rural property mindful of a family's wish to build a restorative place to live and share with their community.

  • The plan set near-term projects for a house addition and loop driveway in context of projects the owners could achieve over a lifetime of small investments.

Place of peace

  • The overall plan provided more room for guests, better vehicular circulation and basic ideas for pasture management, woodland restoration, walking trails and water catchment summer irrigation, while the selected plant material aimed to create a soothing, settled and peaceful setting.

  • Trees and shrub plantings worked together to guide and please the eye when viewed from the buildings, roadways and paths.

  • Western Hemlocks, with their distinctive floppy tops, formed the core note of repose for plant groupings.

  • Long axial views across the landscape worked with hallway and window improvement in the house to lighten up spaces and facilitate physical and visual movement through both interior and exterior spaces.

  • The plan also proposed a secluded tea house, a terraced food garden, a greenhouse and a new earth covered house that aligned with the owner's higher aspirations for joy. The small tea house took in morning light and valley views provided a retreat for small social gatherings. A two-story earth covered house spiraled around an atrium of light, embraced trees and created semi-enclosed outdoor spaces.

  • Tea house rendering

    Tea house rendering

  • Tea house plan

    Tea house plan

  • Earth-covered house rendering

    Earth-covered house rendering

  • Earth-covered house plan

    Earth-covered house plan


  • Though substantially unbuilt, the long-range plan showed how the numerous hopes and possibilities could add up over time into the kind of place the family dreamed of.