Malcolm 'Max' DeRungs

LA 489 - Site Planning and Design

Jefferson Neighborhood Studio

This student analysis and proposal for the economic revitalization of a central Eugene, Oregon neighborhood began with an initial studio deliverable that included a 1" = 50' axonometric map assembled from nine-block areas assigned to students for delineation.

I choose to work with an area that included a the neighborhood's school building, then walked the streets to sketch my impressions of the site. This led to a highly detailed drawing, accurate down to the canister count on utility poles, which the University later ended up featuring in a neighborhood open forum invitation.

I continued working with this area through the policy and planning phase of the project, in which I created proposals for a new community center, community gardens and infill housing.



Role: Undergraduate Student

Setting: University of Oregon

Course: LA 489 - Site Planning and Design

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Year: 1981

Media: India ink on Clearprint drafting vellum and mylar vellum