• Initiatives

    Run your race.
  • The larger the health care system, the more it depends internally on data and digital initiatives for lowering costs, raising quality standards, operating on a common baseline of facts and shaping a common information universe.

    The products of these initiatives improve the system's health most when they race to reflect the person-to-person caring nature of the business through production and daily use.

  • Digital giving

  • Intelligence Search Stack

    • In a health care business, Information Technology (IT) is an expense. In lean times, this means there's a Freddy Krueger somewhere in the company looking for a good dream to kill.

      One way to avoid this nightmare is to build an enterprise search stack powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Why? Because those are the right buzzwords. Besides, who doesn't need help finding things?

      Search an easy technology to start up on a junk PC under your desk and keep your feet warm during the winter. But be prepared to move it up to the cloud or datacenter, because search scales well and can be monetized in several ways.

    • Information Stack

    Data Catalog

    • One of the biggest challenges a health care system faces is the degree to which leaders or caregivers don’t share a common baseline of facts.

      The goal of a Data Catalog, therefore, is to put data and knowledge assets in front of as many people in the enterprise as possible. When facts become easier to find, decisions become more consistent and the testing of business ideas becomes more widespread.

      This fast lane from fiction to fact, we like to call "myHIway."

    • myHIway Data Catalog


    Provider 360°

    • Keeping health care professionals happy in a giant, complex organization is a high priority, because the cost of turnover is high. But it's difficult to do without a campaign of digital initiatives.

      Providers want to feel the love. They want to feel valued. They want to be aware of what's going on. And they want to find their data, research, support communities, referrals, privileges, scheduling, messaging and other information essentials all in one place.

      What does this digital life-line look like for these givers of care? "Provider 360°" aims to find out.

    • Provider 360

      Provider 360°

    Home Medical Equipment KMS

    • Introducing a knowledge management system for durable medical equipment - a mashup of products, parts, supplies, accessories, costs, payers, training, policies and vendors that's heading towards big organizational savings and satisfaction in Home Medical Services.

      It's code name is "myHoME"

    • myHoME