myHIway Data Catalog

  • A few years ago, Providence St. Joseph Health had difficulty finding data and reporting assets, because these assets were spread across their multiple regions, business entities and wide range of health services. When executives endorsed data-driven decision-making as vital to their health care leadership, IT backed my data catalog proof of concept application by turning it into a branded internal product called 'myHIway.'

  • Sure, there were commercial catalogs on the market to choose from. But by comparison, my mobile-first product was agile, monetizable, cost effective, easy to implement, adaptable to the diverse needs of health care business consumers, and able to quickly connect everyone in the enterprise over a common baseline of facts.

  • myHIway Data Catalog

    myHIway - the enterprise fast lane to a common baseline of facts.

  • Today, the myHIway data catalog takes full advantage of Providence's enterprise insights platform, which combines search with AI to help caregivers find, bookmark, comment on, and request access to over 40k apps, reports, clinical metrics, data sets, predictions, dictionaries, standards, data models, glossaries, training materials, and data science references from over 30 internal and external sources of data and knowledge.

  • If Gartner's 2020 strategic planning assumptions for insight engines prove correct, Providence can expect to derive at least twice as much business value from their analytics investments than without this catalog.

  • For drivers of health care transformation stuck in traffic, this catalog frees up a lane or two.

Under the hood

  • Platform
    • CentOS, Lucidworks Solr/Fusion, Apache HTTP Server, Tomcat, MariaDB
  • Development Tools
    • Lucidworks Appkit (formerly Twigkit), PostMan, Notepad++, Visual Studio Code, Inkscape, Github, Sourcetree, Jira.
  • Code
    • HTML, LESS, AngularJS, Java, JSP, JavaScript (Nashorn), MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL