Home Medical Equipment KMS

  • Providence St. Joseph Health's Home Services group is making it easier for enterprise providers and caregivers to find the best durable medical equipment (DME) for patients through a mobile-enabled digital application that aligns therapeutic needs with payment plans.

  • Home Medical Equipment KMS

    Home Medical Equipment KMS

  • With thousands of easy to find products, parts, supplies, and accessories related to real-time costs, payer, training, policy, and vendor information, this knowledge platform helps:

    • Assure payments.
    • Remove barriers to service and quality.
    • Raise patient satisfaction.
    • Lower labor and onboarding costs.
  • It's a game changer for the Home Services program and anyone in the ministry needing "anything DME."

Under the hood

  • Software
    • CentOS, Lucidworks Solr/Fusion, Apache HTTP Server, Tomcat, MariaDB, Java
  • Tools
    • Twigkit (App Studio)
    • PostMan
    • Notepad++
    • Netbeans
    • Inkscape
    • Git
  • Code
    • HTML, LESS, AngularJS, JSP
    • JavaScript (Nashorn)
    • MS-SQL


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