This mobile and desktop proof-of-concept search application helped enterprise providers and caregivers find durable medical equipment (DME) that aligns a patient's therapeutic needs and payment plan.


With thousands of easy to find products, parts, supplies, and accessories related to real-time costs, payer, training, policy, and vendor information, this knowledge platform helps:

  • Assure payments.
  • Remove barriers to service and quality.
  • Raise patient satisfaction.
  • Lower labor and onboarding costs.

It's a game changer for the Home Services program and anyone in the ministry needing "anything DME."

Responsible for product design, architecture and full stack engineering from proof-of-concept through current releases. Created brand logo and original graphics/theme elements.

2017 to 2019

Angular2/LESS web application built on Lucidworks App Studio framework running on Apache HTTPD and Tomcat servers connecting to a Lucidworks Fusion search engine with data ingested from Enterprise Data Warehouse and MariaDB databases on Providence Cloud VM servers.

2014 to 2017

JSP/LESS web application built on Twigkit framework running on Apache HTTPD and Tomcat servers connecting to Apache Solr with data modeled using SmartLogic and ingested from TIMS and MySQL databases.

Role: Senior Information Architect

Setting: Providence St. Joseph Health

Location: Portland, Oregon

Year: 2014 to present