Architectural Design studio site plan and building proposal for a youth camp in Florence, OR along Cleawox lake just north of the sand dunes at Honeyman Memorial State Park.

Studio work benefitted a nonprofit called the Melinda Foundation located in Florence, OR, and their project requirements called for a camp house, an administration cabin, stables, a recreation center, a main lodge, a boat house, and several large and small cabins.

After a site visit and analysis to get a feel for the terrain and environmental conditions, I laid out curved roadways, parking and meadows along contours, placed buildings for the best year-round indoor/outdoor microclimates and preserved mature stands of Douglasfir, Red Alder and Oregon Oak trees.

Given the site's exposure to coastal winds and rain, I connected most buildings with covered walkways.

Building designs used stone, timber, precast concrete and metal roofing recalling the public park structures built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s and 40s.

I prepared two building sytle options:

Option A - proposed precast concrete tile base walls made from local sand and sea shells; smooth, colored concrete porch flooring; 4:12 roof pitches.

Option B - closely followed a Civilian Conservation Corps style with stone base walls; stone porch flooring; 1:1 roof pitches.


Role: Graduate Student

Course: ARCH 585 - Architectural Design Studio

Setting: University of Oregon

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Year: 1987

Media: Niji stylist pen and Pantone marker on trading paper