This “blog” is really just a bunch of organized notes around my day-to-day work in Information Services that helps me recall things. Hopefully it also gives value back to a universe that has given value so freely to me.

Recent Posts

  • Apache Solr and Docker
    Notes on Apache Solr and Zookeeper running on Docker.
  • Docker Basics
    One way to spare yourself from a deluge of server resource requests is to build on a platform that supports containers.
  • Apache web server SSL certificates
    Crib notes for adding SSL certificates to an Apache web server on different Linux operating systems.
  • CSS Precepts
    A cookie-cutter approach to responsive web application styling with speed, reuse, and scaling in mind.
  • Apache Solr – Configuration Examples and Resources
    A small collection of tips, file snippets and resources that may be useful when configuring an Apache Solr search engine.