This “blog” is really just a bunch of organized notes around my day-to-day work in Information Services that helps me recall things. Hopefully it also gives value back to a universe that has given value so freely to me.

Recent Posts

  • WordPress SSO Snips
    Investigate a simple way to add Azure SSO to blog. Setup Azure SSO Update WordPress, update all plugins, and make sure the site is already setup for SSL. Install the SSO for Azure AD plugin. Settings > SSO for Azure AD Endpoints Copy Redirect URL and Homepage/Login URL Register site […]
  • Apache Solr – Search
    Search is easy to laugh at, but it’s a super important technology for the business with features worth going nuts over.
  • Python Scripts
    Python programming language has been around for over 30 years, partly because its syntax and semantics make it tempting to use for just about any type of coding project. Chances are, it’s seductiveness is also due in part to its snaky relationship with knowledge engineering. The following includes notes on […]
  • Apache Solr and Docker
    Notes on Apache Solr and Zookeeper running on Docker.
  • Docker Basics
    One way to spare yourself from a deluge of server resource requests is to build on a platform that supports containers.