This work helped visually collect a diverse set of data-driven apps into a family of branded departmental products available to internal consumers.

It proposed each app have an IOS-shaped icon containing symbols rather than skeumorphs. Each icon had a dominant color theme that carried into the app's banner, footer, and backgrounds for maintaining cognitive consistency along the journey from finding to using each app.

Icon development usually began with thumbnail sketches representing multiple ideas from discussions or research. The chosen icon was then developed and refined.

Some apps needed to be made available while in a pre-production stage, so I added a sash overlay for communicating release status.


An app for revenue cycle staff to save the enterprise time and money by proactively reducing spikes and upward trending claim denials. Concepts => Alert / Notice, Denied Stamp.

The result was a symbolic graph showing a reduction trend.


High Deductibles

An app for helping business users plan cash flow by showing how many patients have met their deductibles for each Payer and Plan at any given time of year. Concepts => Cost Savings, Time, Insurance.

The result was an umbrella protecting a piggy bank from inclement weather.


No Show

An app for clinics looking to prevent missed patient appointments before they happen by predicting which patients are most likely to need a reminder or assistance. Concepts => Waiting Room, Time.

The result suggested a waiting room with chair and clock. For this icon, my concept sketches were made for someone else to render.


Nurse Staffing

An app for predicting how many nurses would be needed for the week at a facility based on historical data. Concepts => Nurses, Available, Care, Gender Neutral.

The result was the symbolic figure of a caregiver standing out from the crowd.


Role: Senior Information Architect

Setting: Providence Health & Services

Location: Portland, Oregon

Year: 2016

Media: Apple Pencil and Fiftythree Paper on iPad Pro