Principal Business Intelligence Platform Administrator

  • Healthcare Intelligence (HI)
  • Emilie
  • Providence St. Joseph Health

    20B+ healthcare system in 7 states

    June 2018 to present

    Portland, Oregon

  • Max currently serves Providence St. Joseph Health's vision of health for a better world by raising the mission's core competence in AI-powered search through technical leadership in its enterprise insights engine and related digital products.

    The exceptionally long job title with big words just means he sets the enterprise's direction for Business Intelligence architecture, leads projects of moderate technical complexity, mentors others, and ensures all BI assets are stable, scalable, up to date, and available 24x7 by applying a deep knowledge of servers, operating systems, networking, security, database principles, web servers, cloud computing, and multiple vendor products.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." - Abraham Lincoln

Senior Information Architect

  • Healthcare Intelligence (HI)
  • Population Health
  • Home Medical Services
  • Anesthesiology
  • LCO Office
  • Providence St. Joseph Health

    20B+ healthcare system in 7 states

    October 2013 to June 2018

    Portland, Oregon

  • Played a central and crucial role in the vision and work that became a strategic enterprise data information portal. Guided the unification of emerging strategies for Data Catalog, App Store and Data Lake platforms through consultation, architecture, leadership, mentoring, and a talent for synthesizing diverse ideas into a working whole.

    Designed, developed, and operationalized the enterprise's information search stack and SharePoint BI reporting portal platform.

    Researched and tested semantic web data and content management capabilities on patient and provider data, which introduced the enterprise to graph database technologies.

SharePoint Builder

  • eHealth
  • Home Services
  • Nursing
  • Providence Health Plan
  • Providence Medical Group
  • Enterprise Web Services
  • Mar-Com
  • Community Connect
  • Healthcare Intelligence (HI)
  • Standard workflows dial
  • Vanderhouwen
    (Providence Health & Services)

    June 2010 to October 2013

    Portland, Oregon

  • Raised caregiver collaboration, productivity and awareness of regional and enterprise level mission, facilities, departments, initiatives and resources in a six month contract that lasted three years by developing out-of-the-box and custom intranet web sites, applications, forms, workflows, document management and business intelligence solutions across three SharePoint platforms.

    Responsible for reducing staffing costs through internal SQL/SharePoint Intranet web-based workflow and information products that customers hung on to through seismic changes in organizational culture. These products were known internally as the Health Plan's Knowledge Management System, Home Medical Equipment’s Product Knowledgebase and the Medical Group's Standard Workflows Dial, Statusbook, Clinics Directory and Periodic Table of Meaningful Use applications.

    Specialized in client-side web application architecture and development on .NET, SQL and SharePoint platforms as enterprise expert in JavaScript, InfoPath and Nintex. Setup and administered pilot SharePoint farms and SQL servers. Made SharePoint 2007 to 2010 enterprise Intranet migration uneventful for users. Designed, built and maintained numerous Intranet web sites, workflows, forms, applications and utilities. Maximized out of box SharePoint search and document management capabilities. Piloted, trained the trainers, and assisted in enterprise rollout of SharePoint Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Authored web content, wrote procedures, documented development, diagrammed processes and organized taxonomies. Ensured products adhered to security policies.

"Take measured risks, test innovative concepts and run until apprehended." - Cheryl Herbert

  • Leverage Talent

    Landed contract work with two other Oregon eHealth group contractors expecting a "bored to tears" routine roll-out of an enterprise SharePoint platform to 20k+ Oregon region users over a six month period. Triggered enthusiasm in others by validating their expertise in wireframe, customer requirements, and road-map proposals through high fidelity feature and function improvements for 50+ collaboration sites. Exceeded quality expectations through graphics, client side web development, content edits, research, documentation, written procedures, process diagrams, and training of the in-house trainers. Helped team win an additional year of contract work by pre-selling web product concepts to multiple eHealth customers through proof of concept prototypes and a reputation for rapid delivery..

    Self-Service Analytics

    Nascent enterprise intelligence program with 150+ data, reporting and analytics caregivers sought to host self-service SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence tools on existing IS supported enterprise platform. Issues arose over IS readiness, leading to initiative for separate enterprise SharePoint 2010 farm. Build stalled, however, when its platform developer left for other opportunities. Called in to complete build and fill datacenter platform admin and development role on seven servers. Handled updates, hotfixes and bugs. Drove architecture, integrations and rollout of BI tool stack. Ensured products adhered to security policies. Authored web content, wrote procedures, documented development, diagrammed processes and organized taxonomies. Became enterprise expert in platform tools and trained the trainers. Oversaw successful migration and maturation of sites and services on to enterprise IS SharePoint platform. Discovered many limitations in this approach to self-service.

    Maximize Product Shelf Life

    Seismic changes in leadership and organizational priorities reduced SharePoint staff, jeopardizing in-flight and legacy sites and web application products. Worked with consulting agency to combine small contracts with seven Providence Health and Services departments into a single engagement. Ensured 50+ enterprise SharePoint sites sailed through 2007 to 2010 platform migration without incident. Re-designed and developed client-side web applications, forms, workflows, websites and analytics products with durable brand appeal on SharePoint 2010 team and collaboration sites for easy maintenance by owners with minimal skills. Extended product service life by five years.

Network Analyst

  • Physician IT Outreach
  • Enterprise Web Services (EWS)
  • Physician IT Outreach Diagram
  • Kforce
    (Providence Health & Services)

    September 2009 to January 2010

    Tigard, Oregon

  • Reduced operational costs of Physician IT Outreach and System Support Services teams by developing knowledgebase and automation products on regional and enterprise SharePoint intranet platforms which organized content, catalyzed collaboration, clarified information, pulled content from outside teams and made database content visually available to consumers.

"Know me. Care for me. Ease my way." - Providence Health & Services

Business Developer

  • West Professional Plaza
  • Integrated Management Resources

    January 2007 to August 2009

    $300K consulting firm

    Canby, Oregon

  • Accountable for company reorganization and sale of IT consulting service line assets. Tested market value of innovations in sustainable housing and carbon sequestration. Cofounded and bootstrapped equine assisted behavioral health therapy startup. Facilitated customer e-commerce and education startups. Co-developed business model, product line, and marketing for a beneficial microbes startup.

"Stay hungry. Stay foolish." - Stewart Brand

  • Business Reorganization

    Long term industry trends presented a challenge to company IT consulting services business model. Solicited and assessed ideas for decentralizing office functions or merging with competitors. Recommended downsizing and funding change in company vision through sale of IT service line assets to the company's bravest employees. Co-organized and led new line of business innovation, research, and venture support services.

    Land Value Restoration

    Cofounded and bootstrapped an equine assisted behavioral health therapy farm venture. Purchased Willamette Valley farm acreage languishing from lack of care. Designed, engineered, and built facility stables, arena, paddocks, and pastures that raised net value of property after improvement costs by 75%.

    Sustainable Housing

    Studied market for eco-friendly housing projects and found only a small fraction the real estate market offering "green" housing. Researched building codes, regulations and energy incentives. Evaluated the state-of-the-art in eco-minded design and material specifications. Networked with designers, developers, and builders. Designed site and floor plans for 21 net-zero energy, water, and waste single family homes with neighborhood food garden and micro-habitat area on a five acre site with clay soils. Prepared real estate development package.

  • Street of Greens Street of Greens
  • Strategic Branding

    Supported business venture in specialty crafted bio-brews of beneficial microbes. Immersed in product research. Set up and monitored small batch brew site to understand end-to-end production process. Participated in product trials at dairy and waste treatment sites. Created brand identity. Implemented web presence, product labeling, and marketing content/materials. Co-wrote corporate business and marketing plans. Cultivated first customer product sale.

    Carbon Sequestration

    Research suggested an agricultural charcoal product could reverse global warming while improving soil fertility. Interviewed thought leaders. Networked globally with people and projects. Co-organized conferences at Oregon State University and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, WA for 130+ academics, engineers, researchers, scientists, carbon traders, ecologists, foresters, farmers, and policymakers. Evangelized biochar production and field trials on farms and nurseries in the Pacific Northwest region.

    Alternative Education

    Founders of an AMI certified Montessori elementary and middle school wanted to expand into a new district. Consulted on business model, market research, and fundraising. Found location. Prepared applications for county building/fire permits and planning reviews.

    eCommerce Revival

    Fragmented business processes handicapped laser-marking eCommerce venture. Analyzed back-office and product workflows to identify time-wasters and priorities. Closed information gaps by setting up company's SharePoint 2007 platform and organizing company standards, policies, procedures, and training into a single source of truth. Doubled production speed and volume by developing a Microsoft Access database with forms that integrated with QuickBooks to streamline product purchasing, receiving, ordering, authorization, invoicing, job queue, shipping, and tracking.

Senior IT Consultant

  • Server Room
  • Integrated Management Resources

    March 1995 to December 2006

    $600K IT consulting firm

    Canby, Oregon

  • Accountable for company operations, P & L, tenant improvements, hiring, technical infrastructure, customer relations, project delivery, and service quality. Negotiated customer and vendor contracts. Owned success and failure of IT services and projects. Managed and mentored team of five consulting techs supporting 100+ customer IT networks annually. Directed development of company service management software application.

"Performance is reality." - Harold S. Geneen

  • Digital Work Stream Efficiency

    Increase in market saturation for consulting IT services reduced company's customer base. Solicited and studied staff ideas for reducing costs and staying competitive. Proposed and directed the design and development of company's IT Service Management web application for streamlining time entry, asset tracking, trouble ticket, case notes, and invoicing work streams. Reduction in paperwork reduced net staff overhead cost 20% and increased capacity of help desk services by 250 customer users annually.

    Cost Containment

    Increase in customer site visit costs reduced company profits. Analyzed issues and options. Identified, developed, proposed, and led approach for virtualizing desktop and server support services using a variety of emerging remote access tools which raised company revenue 15%.

    Service Expansion

    Scaled company customer base from 20 to over 200 by cultivating company's competence in business software for non-profit, health care, veterinary, manufacturing, legal, architectural, engineering, aviation, accounting, construction, financial, entertainment, communications, sales, insurance, government, and educational organizations. Expanded company geographic service area beyond the Portland metro region to include other regions in Oregon, Washington, California, and Idaho. Served companies from two to over 1000 employees, and supported IT staff zero to expert level skills.

    Legacy Protection

    Staff turnover put many customers in danger of losing historical knowledge of technology resources and capabilities. Reduced customer downtime and IT support onboarding costs 75% by documenting processes, procedures, repairs, updates, system configurations, and custom software manuals for skilled and non-skilled system administrators.

    Service Line Growth

    Raised company revenue 25% by developing software customization, application development, and training service lines. Increased customer retention by growing company's range of IT systems administration support services from competence in file/print, email, backup, and legal document management software solutions to competence in fax, antivirus, directory, scheduling, database, messaging, disaster recovery, routing, accounting, security, workflow, compliance, CRM, recordkeeping, fundraising, brokerage, and utility solutions.

  • Customer List
    • Accounting
      • Dean Rothenfluch, CPA

      • Geffen Mesher & Company

      • Hoffman, Stewart & Schmidt

      • Jack W. Olds & Company

      • John P. Knox, CPA

      • Kevin W. Keithley, CPA

      • Wayne A. Marshall, CPA

      • Middleton & Company, CPA

      • Nichols Accounting Group

      • Dean J. Rothenfluch, CPA

      Architecture & Engineering
      • Atlas Landscape Architecture

      • BOORA Architects

      • CBG Consulting Engineers

      • Davis Consulting Group

      • Mayer/Reed

      • Opsis Architecture

      • Right-Of-Way Associates

      • ValueCAD

      • Walker Macy

      • Collision Rebuilders

      • Grimm Services

      • Jeepers, It's Erickson

      • Canby Telcom

      • Colton Telephone

      • Nehalem Telephone Company

      • Western Independent Networks

      • Access Ability

      • Ampere Electric

      • Associated General Contractors

      • Canby Builders Supply

      • Canby Plumbing

      • Ditch Witch of Oregon

      • Fullman Kinetics

      • LHL Homes

      • MSI Mechanical Systems

      • OC America Construction

      • Olsen Homes

      • Roth Heating & Cooling

      • Standard and Best of Oregon

    • Education
      • Building Blocks Early Learning Center

      • Greenstone Montessori

      • Linn Benton Lincoln ESD

      • Oregon City School District

      • Serendipity Center

      • Tucker-Maxon Oral School

      • Hollywood Video

      • Fred Meyer Credit Union

      • Lacamas Credit Union

      • Safeway Northwest Central Credit Union

      Holding / Investment
      • Arcadia Investment Corporation

      • Ascend Holding

      • Erickson Group

      • IMS Capital Management

      • J.W. Millegan

      • Smith & Jordan Financial Services

      • City of Canby, Oregon

      • Multnomah County Counsel

      • Oregon Department of Human Services

      • Oregon Secretary of State

      • Portland Police Bureau

      • Washington County Counsel

      Health Care / Retirement Home
      • Balance Chinese Medical Clinic

      • Canby Veterinary Clinic

      • Cedars Sinai Park

      • Diagnostic Imaging Associates

      • Fountain Valley Dental

      • Freeman Chiropractic Clinic

      • Kemple Gandler Rheumatology

      • Medical Teams International

      • Oregon Open MRI

      • Robison Jewish Home

      • St. Charles Medical Center

      • Stockamp & Associates

      • Willamette View

    • Legal
      • Adams, DeBast, Helzer, McFarland

      • Allen, Yazbeck, O'Halloran & Hanson

      • Banks Law Office

      • Bates Private Capital

      • Bodyfelt, Mount, Stroup & Chamberlain

      • Bouneff & Chally

      • Stephen Brischetto

      • Buono, Block

      • Carlson & Thacker

      • Chase Bankruptcy Information Systems

      • Clancy & Slininger, Lawyers

      • Cosgrave, Vergeer & Kester

      • Crowe Foreign Services

      • Dunn Carney Law Firm

      • Elliott & Park

      • Elliott, Ostrander & Preston

      • Farleigh, Wada & Witt

      • Hagen, Dye, Hirschy & DiLorenzo

      • Harrang Long Gary Rudnick P.C.

      • Hatch & Spencer

      • Heltzel Williams Lawfirm

      • Hershner, Hunter, Andrews, Neill & Smith

      • Hoffman, Hart & Wagner

      • Law Office of Erin Olson

      • Markowitz, Herbold, Glade

      • Mary Ellen Farr, Attorney at Law

      • Metropolitan Public Defender Services Inc

      • Meyer & Associates

      • Michael G. Bostwick

      • Moscato & Hallock

      • Motschenbacher & Blattner

      • Multnomah Bar Association

      • Pozzi, Wilson, Atchinson

      • Preston, Bunnell & Flynn

      • Ramis Crew Corrigan & Bachrach

      • Robert Neuberger

      • RP Herman & Associates

      • Schulte Anderson

      • Seidl Law Office

      • Smith, Freed, Heald & Chock

      • Stoll Berne Law Firm

      • Tarlow, Jordan & Schrader

      • Tarlow, Naito & Summers

      • Tichenor Dziuba & Coletti

      • Tooze Shenker Duden

      • White & Lee LLP

    • Hospitality & Leisure
      • Grand European Tours

      • Heathman Hotel

      • North Pacific Management

      • Timberline, RLK

      • Bell-Anderson Insurance

      • Butsch Insurance

      • Clem J. Butsch General Insurance

      • Electronic Claims Services

      • Gustafson Insurance Agency

      • Kyllo Insurance Service Northwest

      • Mahshigian & Associates

      • AIMCO

      • BBC Steel Corp.

      • E.S. Clift & Sons

      • Fought & Company

      • Fujimi Corporation

      • Goldendale Aluminum

      • Michaels of Oregon

      • Package Containers

      • Plastic Services Northwest

      • Roseburg Forest Products

      • United Harvest

      • Willsonville Concrete Products

      • Aero Air

      • Precision Conversions

    • Non-Profit
      • 211 Info

      • American Lung Association (Oregon)

      • Community Action Organization

      • Dougy Center

      • Junior Achievement Columbia Empire

      • Make a Wish Foundation (Oregon)

      • Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp

      • Oregon Association Minority Entrepreneurs

      • Oregon Natural Step Network

      • Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center

      • Oregon Restaurant Association

      • Research & Education Group

      • The Dougy Center

      • Tobaccofree Coalition

      • Westminster Presbyterian Church

      • Willamette View Foundation

      • Advanced Finishing Systems

      • Carpets for Kids

      • Desperado

      • Fairway Forest Partners Company

      • Gango Editions

      • Grimm's Fuel Company

      • Martin Diagnostics International

      • Oregon Fresh Farms

      • Powell's Bookstores

      • Sports Warehouse

      • The Cellar Door

      • Western Lumber

    • Services
      • Allstar Business Services

      • Apartment Center Services

      • Brooks & Associates

      • Canby Business Revitalization

      • Compel Media

      • Conkling Fiskum and McCormick

      • Enzyme Technologies

      • Hands-On-Training

      • HQ Global Workplaces

      • Matrix A&T Systems

      • Migration Services Group

      • Pacific Marketing Specialists

      • Paine Pacific

      • Palladian Language Services

      • S Group

      • Souk LLC

      • Vincent Performance Services

      • Fios Inc.

      • Global Software Solutions

      • Hayne, Lloyd & Associates

      • IKON Technology Services

      • ImageBuilder Software

      • Insyst Information Services

      • Laser Services

      • Lightware

      • Livewire Technologies

      • Pacific Computerworks

      • R2J2 Services

      • Vernier Software

  • Awards
    • Duke Dickinson Award - Recognition for generous support

      Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp



  • Planning & Urban Design
  • Sherlock Building
  • ZGF Architects

    March 1985 to March 1995

    $50M architecture and planning firm

    Portland, Oregon

  • Sought with others to improve deficient transit, community and urban spaces through solutions that outperformed the commonplace in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, and Denver. Influenced positive outcomes with a unique ear for essentials, a grasp for developing good ideas, and a fanatical attention to details; the outcome of two projects, Portland's MAX Light Rail System (a recipient of the 2002 Presidential Design Award) and Seattle's Northgate Transit Center, becoming the models for others to follow nationally.

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs

  • Results

    Generated value on large, complex projects by leveraging team ideas into a larger, more inventive and complete vision, and then carrying that vision through all phases of the Architectural design process with high fidelity.

    Held increasingly substantive roles in a variety of complex projects. Won buy-in to ideas and alternatives through prototyping and testing. Resolved conflicts between architects, engineers, artists, contractors, community leagues, developers and public agencies on multidisciplinary teams by showing how a comprehensive design approach can solve everyone's problems better than the sum of individual interests.

    Cultivated analytical, design, editorial, detailing, project management, and organizational discipline from 20+ complex planning & urban design, building architecture, interior design, urban design and art projects.

    Achieved project goals and deadlines despite a shortage of team members and administrative support services by leveraging the emerging information and communications technologies of the time to work seamlessly between home and office.

  • Awards
    • Presidential Award for Design Excellence

      National Endowment for the Arts - Clinton Administration

      Westside light rail


    • Design for Transportation Honor Award

      U.S. Department of Transportation

      Westside light rail


    • Indoor/Specialty Concrete Pavement Award

      Portland Cement Association

      Lincoln High School fence


    • Recognition of Personal Contribution

      Portland TRIMET

      Lincoln High School fence


    • Outstanding Example of Excellence in Concrete Construction

      Washington Aggregates and Concrete Association

      Northgate Transit Center


    • Commendation Award

      Portland Daily Journal of Commerce

      Northgate Transit Center


    • 33rd Annual Awards Citation

      Progressive Architecture

      Union Station Redevelopment


Landscape Architect

  • Todd Landscape
  • Freelance

    March 1985 to March 1995

    Portland, Oregon

  • Independent consulting work on planning, garden, and visual art projects.

"If the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong." - R. Buckminster Fuller


  • Design, Marketing, Construction
  • Roseburg Poolside
  • Valley Pools and Spas

    June 1984 to January 1985

    Eugene, Oregon

  • Work with five person construction crew on pool, pond and fiberglass spa installation, repair and maintenance projects in and around Eugene and Roseburg, Oregon. Handled heavy equipment. Set steel reinforcing. Sprayed and poured concrete. Laid stone, tile and brick. Plastered walls. Installed and maintained plumbing, pumps, chemicals and lighting. Organized shop and storage yard. Designed and detailed proposals for customer pools, spas and gardens.

  • Design build

    Minimized project costs through a design/build process that cut the need for consulting professionals and reinforced repeatable time-saving labor patterns.


  • Greene and Greene's Gamble House
  • Benjamin's Hardwood Floors

    June 1983 to March 1983

    Pasadena, California

  • Winter season work designing and detailing plans for improving business storefront through low cost office interior and exterior landscape improvements that stored flammable materials, made efficient use of storage space and beautified the storefront. Studied the hardwood flooring business through work with craftsman on sales, bidding, design and floor installation, refinishing and maintenance of several commercial and residential projects in the Los Angeles basin.

Designer, Graphic Artist

  • For Barefeet Only
  • Freelance

    1980 to 1989

    Eugene, Oregon

  • Part time work as a self-employed landscape designer and graphic artist on a handful of private and commercial initiatives.

"The most far-out ideas start as whispers on the fringe." - Anon

Designer, Graphic Artist

  • McCredie Hot Springs Resort
  • Livingry Systems

    1982 to 1984

    Eugene, Oregon

  • Part time work with architectural designer and clients in analysis, design, model building, delineation and construction of a handful of site planning, building and interiors projects.

"There is a river that runs through our culture; that flows with the rhythm of nature, and trusts that the sun will rise again." - James Hubbell, Artist


  • Earth Integrated House
  • R. D. Britz, Architect

    1981 to 1982

    Eugene, Oregon

  • Part time work with architect and designer during site analysis, design and delineation of a phased ecological land use development proposal that featured curvilinear earth-sheltered homes, high-density urban gardens and a wind farm built over a landfill on a large property in the hills east of Concord, California.

Graphics Editor

  • Fall Preview Cover
  • Oregon Daily Emerald

    June 1979 to June 1981

    Eugene, Oregon

  • Part time work as a member of the University of Oregon student newspaper's editorial board creating a wide range of oft experimental and opinion-laced graphics. "All hope abandon, ye who enter" the graphic editor's office.

"Humans are proof that God has a sense of humor." - Anon

  • Editorial Collaboration

    Advised and provided graphic content that interested and attracted readers. Affected tone of articles through a variety of techniques that expanded on story lines and advanced editorial objectives. Conveyed editorial board views on campus issues, school performance and community affairs.

    Visual Interest

    Increased readership through art and content able to entertain readers from sidewalks, trash cans and clogged storm drains.

    Story Crafting

    Improved understanding of complex and topical information through a Frankenstein patchwork of graphic styles stitched together by the threads of satirical humor stolen from syndicated cartoonists Jeff MacNelly, Berkeley Breathed, Bill Watterson and Pat Oliphant. Kept angry mobs away from the castle doors by picking Jack Ohman's brain for technical tips over a free lunch during his likely unmemorable visit to the campus.


  • Among those trusted with the cash
  • Max's Tavern
  • Max's Tavern / Duffy's Tavern

    September 1979 to December 1981

    Eugene, Oregon

  • Part time work serving beer, wine and food to neighborhood solace-seekers and hormone charged college party-goers. Maintained normalcy around crowded watering holes by setting environmental tone and making the right allies to handle troublemakers. Responsible for last-call, balancing the till and locking up in the wee hours.

"A bottle in front of me is better than a frontal lobotomy" - Anon


  • Contract Documents, Planning
  • Failing Building
  • ZGF Architects

    June 1980 to September 1980
    June 1979 to September 1979

    Portland, Oregon

  • Summer work drafting contract documents for Tektronix Microelectronics Building 59 - the state of the art for integrated circuits at the time. Found opportunities to draw and prep design proposal documents for the emerging Planning & Urban Design department. Worked extra hours to delineate organization charts, schedules and diagrams for project managers and marketing.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle


  • LIUNA - Local 185
  • BPS - Footing
  • Vik Construction

    July 1978 to November 1978

    20,000sf tilt-up concrete warehouses

    Eugene, Oregon

  • Six month work as the only laborer on a multi-trade crew of ten erecting five 20,000sf tilt-up concrete warehouse buildings at 5th and Conger in Eugene, Oregon from site grading to building finishes in overlapping sequence on a six month fast-track schedule. Responsible for site grading, formwork, grading, setting rebar, pouring concrete, grouting columns, placing beams, fabricating roof panels and laying insulation. Maintained team speed, safety, efficiency and quality by keeping site and materials clean and highly organized.

"Do what no one else wants to do, and you'll always have a job." - Anon

  • Training in Teamwork

    Job was run by guys a few years older than that arrived on the site in work rigs with vanity license plate names like "CRUMMY" and "JIMMY." Their sense of humor created an effective environment for learning how to use tools, materials and equipment.

    Training in Commercial Construction

    Foundation phase set reinforced concrete footing pads and floor slabs by laser level. After a bit of choreography, the crew strategically poured the steel reinforced concrete wall panels in pancake-like stacks. The crane then "tilted" each cured panel onto the footings for welding and bracing. The crew then framed, reinforced and poured concrete columns between the panels. Crew and crane then moved on to setting and bolting together the round interior steel columns, glue-laminated beams, joists and purlins. On this job, I built the plywood roofing panels in a jig on the ground, which the crane then set in place for covering with foam insulating boards, and protective sheeting sealed with a cardboard thick layer of hot tar.

  • BPS - Foundation and slab phase

    Coreographed placement wall panel stacks optimized use of crane operator hours time.

  • BS - Wall phase

    Welded steel plates kept the wall panels in position for exterior column work.

  • BPS - Columns

    Round steel columns held glue-laminated beams, and braces held the walls until exterior concrete columns and roof were installed.

  • BPS - Beams

    Pre-hung joist hangars made placement of the glue-laminated beams on the steel columns easier.

  • Training in Awareness

    One week, on a ten-story lift-slab high rise residential job in downtown Eugene, a concrete mixer driver dumped a load of sidewalk concrete somewhere in the middle of the fifth floor pour. Since these floors required high-strength 6000psi concrete, chaos ensued. Within ten minutes, all the company's laborers from nearby job sites were on the floor carefully tip-toeing between the rebar grid and removing all the concrete by gloved hands to avoid damaging the paper-thin release membrane separating the pour from the floor below. Two months after resuming the pour, chewed fingernails were relieved by a flawless lift slab separation and a finish floor free of cracks.


  • Olympic Landscaping
  • Olympic Landscape Company

    October 1977 to December 1977

    Eugene, Oregon

  • Fall season work landscaping private gardens with crew of three, planting, building railroad tie retaining walls, weeding, raking, mulching and fertilizing residential and commercial gardens.

"I looked up my family tree and found out I was the sap.” ― Rodney Dangerfield

Framing Carpenter

  • Runkle - Valley House
  • Ron Runkle Enterprises

    September 1977 to October 1977

    Eugene, Oregon

  • Fall season general carpentry work on single 3,000sf custom designed home for a skilled craftsman who paid more attention to detail. Read blueprints. Framed interior/exterior walls, stairs, trusses. Installed exterior plywood sheathing, cedar siding and fascia.

  • Conefry - Copper Flashing House
  • Conefry & Sons Construction

    June 1977 to September 1977

    Eugene, Oregon

  • Summer season general carpentry work with crew of up to four on several 2,500sf to 3,000sf custom designed homes typical of 1970's Pacific Northwest construction from hillside excavation to roofing.

"Be true to the framework for the best finish." - Ron Runkle

  • Homebuilding

    Adapted blueprints to site conditions. Followed building codes. Set and poured foundations. Laid flooring decking. Framed interior/exterior walls, stairs, trusses, and wood decks. Installed exterior plywood sheathing, cedar siding, fascia, roofing and deck railing.

    Training in Rough Carpentry

    Douglasfir studs and tongue and groove floor decking over a raised concrete foundation shaped each house. Exterior walls with double pane metal framed windows were insulated with fiberglass batt and covered with cedar siding. Interior walls were drywall with spray texture. Two houses had shake roofs, while one copper flashing and roofing over spire towers.

  • Conefry - Hillside House

  • Conefry - Valley House


  • LIUNA - Local 483
  • Fred Meyer in Gresham
  • H.A. Andersen Construction

    May 1975 to August 1975

    164,000sf tilt-up concrete shopping center

    Gresham, Oregon

  • Summer work as the youngest of five Union laborers in a construction crew of over 60 on a 164,000 square foot tilt-up concrete Fred Meyer shopping center complex at SE 3rd and Burnside in Gresham, Oregon. Worked with the tools, tradesmen and heavy equipment of commercial building construction from site-prep and foundation to finish roofing on a three month fast-track schedule.

"Lowest one on totem pole has feet on ground."

  • Training in Teamwork

    Learned a lot from the old-timers nonetheless. The job foreman "Smitty" got results from respect for his 30 years of experience as a laborer. He taught me how to dig without hurting my back. My labor crew foreman was "Lenny." He seemed to know when you needed a hand on the shoulder in encouragement through the dirty jobs. "Goose" was a career Laborer. He showed me how to overcome unfairness by calmly outperforming everyone else and quietly making the hard stuff look easy.

    Training in Commercial Construction

    This was a 'Big-box store' - a large, free-standing, cuboid, generally single-floor structure built on a concrete slab that sits in the middle of a 'sea of asphalt.' The foundation phase set reinforced concrete footing pads and floor slabs by laser level. After a bit of choreography, the crew strategically poured the wall panels of steel and concrete in pancake stacks. The crane then "tilted" each cured panels onto the footings for welding and bracing. The crew then framed, reinforced, and poured concrete columns between the panels. The crew and crane then moved on to setting and bolting together the square interior steel columns, glulam beams, joists, and purlins. This was closely followed by a layer of plywood roofing panels covered with foam insulating boards and protective sheeting sealed with a cardboard thick layer of hot tar.

  • Foundation and floor phase

    Below grade conduits and raceways prepared for innovations in electronic checkout counters.

  • Walls and roof phase

    It wasn't a pretty job site, but with Union trade workers on the job, the project ran smoothly. Working conditions were safe, and coworkers were supportive.

Heart Lab Volunteer

  • Open Heart Research Lab
  • Smeloff/Cutter Heart Valve
  • Sutter Memorial Hospital

    June 1974 to September 1974

    Sacramento, California

  • Summer work assisting Heart Surgeon and Medical Resident in heart valve implant surgery testing on large dogs. Maintained Operating Room to patient-level sterilization protocols. Prepared instruments and materials for procedures. Administered IV's and and ran blood samples to lab. Kept up in-house kennel.

"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success." - Alexander Graham Bell

Tree Farm Worker

  • Navarro Tree Farm
  • Navarro Tree Farm

    June 1973 to September 1973

    Navarro, California

  • Summer work maintaining the commercial value of Ponderosa pine stock by pruning, removing gall-rust, controlling pest infestations and fixing fence lines.

"Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.” - Kahlil Gibran

Maintenance Gofer

  • Unitas Building
  • Equitable Savings & Loan

    June 1972 to September 1972

    Portland, Oregon

  • Summer work, up-close and personal with a building designed by architect Pietro Belluschi and ZGF Architects. Painted service piping. Watered plaza landscape planters. Oiled teak paneling in lobbies and elevators. Decorating building and plaza exterior for Portland Oregon's Rose Festival events and parade. Chiseled calcium carbonate stalactites from poorly weeped travertine walls.

"I like work; it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours." - Jerome K. Jerome