About this site

  • This is a web development site that munges career-related content. It's trying to be presentable, but its purpose at the core to play with a lot of web-related pracitces ranging from design to code.

    If content is "broken," out of place, half-empty or littered with enough dysfunction to be entertaining, have pity.

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  • Projects can be difficult to categorize when there are a lot of them. The distinctions between art and architecture or cartoons and graphics, for example, tend to work against tree-based navigation. Though a tree can lifts content out of the weeds, stuff can still get lost in the branches. The goal is to eventually attach an ontology-driven search engine that can deep-dive to a specific leaf and show everything connected to the leaf, like buds, flowers, twigs, birds, bugs and etc.

    What's the best way to manage the metadata? What's the best way to tag, index and facet the content? Can semantic modeling tools help find things quicker? Hopefully, work in this section will answer these questions.

    At present, my attention is on Apache Solr with Lucene for indexing, using Lucidworks Fusion for engine support, and if lucky, Smartlogic Semaphore for content intelligence.


  • Turning notes, ideas, procedures and like knowledge into rich web content has been a challenge for a long time. Content Management Systems (CMS) try to remove barriers with "rich"-text formatting and modules, but they also tend introduce their own ills, bloat and inconveniences. WordPress was easy to start with, but lost my interest.

    This section, therefore, will follow a quest for tools that improve the creative flow of publishing overall. Currently looking at Craft, but I may need to roll my own for ontology-based search.


  • There's an art to a "paper" resumé. It's printable, but in the end, it can only say as much about a colorful career as a black and white TV can say about Mars. Shades of gray may be good enough for a moon landing, for example, but not good enough for seeing how "red" the red planet is.

    What LinkedIn adds in color, it takes away in calibration. Its a bit pesky and puts persona above depth, authenticity and quietness in character.

    The purpose of this section, therefore, is to explore other ways to share, animate and validate the qualities of a complex career.